2 pork ribs with purchase of any single-meat or combination plate when you present The Q Card

Pok-e-Jo's BBQ Hancock Store Front

There’s most definitely a unique vibe to our Hancock Center location. Most likely it’s the proximity to the University and the range of characters found there, cause while we couldn’t actually get on campus, we got as dang close as we feasibly could. This along with our Wi-Fi makes us particularly attractive to the sitting and studying crowd. Of course we also hos

t the youngest, most energetic management team ensuring that your grandkids will get to enjoy the same great BBQ in this unique setting as your currently do. But the cherry on top may be the fact that we are most likely the only BBQ joint in Texas with a British salesman who actually worked for the Royal Family. We like to think he took himself a step up in life.

General Manager: Lee BohnePok-e-Jo's BBQ Hancock Iron Gate
Pit Master: Rufino has been taming the temperamental mesquite smoke beast at PoK-e-Jo’s for so long he’s hazy on the particulars.
Most Interesting Tidbit: The unofficial headquarters of the Austin Police Department thereby making us the safest restaurant for your dining enjoyment.
Unique Food Fact: We lovingly make by hand all of the BBQ sandwiches at the Erwin Center whether for a Lady Longhorns game, Ringling Bros., or a Taylor Swift concert – don’t make a difference to us.

Who we serve: A plethora of UT students, faculty and hangers-on, all those in the downtown area, hard-working State Capitol employees, the folks of central Austin, along with various hospital staffers and pharmaceutical reps delivering lunch throughout our fair city.

Location: Right off IH-35 at the intersection of 41st street in the Hancock Shopping Center.