Free 1-pound shaker of BBQ seasoning with every order of $125 or more (email for online discount code) when you present The Q Card

“Since 1999, Taste of Texas Barbecue Inc. has professionally delivered BBQ and BBQ trimmings that have not only been inspected by the state but also under the extremely high standards of ‘Federally Inspected’  guidelines to the nationwide doorsteps of many customers, friends, and families.  Each package is fully cooked and vacuum packed and ‘shipped absolutely free’ (minimum of $125 purchase) in our specially designed Styrofoam coolers. All BBQ has easy-to-understand heating instructions.  We even have some of the meal trimmings available – including a great pecan pie for dessert.  Corporate orders are always welcome, with an additional 10% discount for all orders over $500.”

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