Q: When will my card expire?

A: Cards are good for at least one year. If we have any cards in stock that expire in less than one year, we will sell these cards at discounted rates.

Q: How will I know when my card expires?

A: Each card’s expiration date is printed on the back of the card.

Q: How do I register my card?

A: Email us your name and card number.

Q: Why should I register my card?

A: Registering your card(1) gives you access to the discount codes for all of our online affiliates, (2) entitles you to any exclusive or temporary deals/discounts offered by affiliates, & (3) makes you eligible for discounted card renewals and giveaways.

Q: When will I receive exclusive offers for registering my card?

A: As soon as any become available from our affiliates.

Q: I'd like to stay updated on any card-program developments. How can I do that?

A: Follow us on Twitter, check us out on Facebook, and/or email your preferred email address, to be added to our email list.

Q: Is my privacy protected after registering my card and/or joining the email list?

A: Absolutely. Under no circumstance will any of your information be shared with any third party.

Q: Can I make money selling the cards?

A: Yes. We sell cards at quantity/bulk discounts, so you can sell cards at face value and earn a profit on each card. To learn more, email us.

Q: Can we sell the cards for fundraising?

A: Definitely. We will offer significant discounts for bulk orders, so that you can maximize your fundraising profits.

Q: How can I help sign up new affiliates?

A: The best way to help us add new affiliates is to encourage non-affiliates to join the program. Tell them in person, email them, and/or call them. Let them know you are more likely to patronize their business if they are on the card. The more people that ask a particular business to join, the better the chances that the business will become an affiliate. As an incentive, we will send a free card to anyone who gets a new business to sign on as an affiliate.

Q: What do I receive for becoming an affiliate?

A: The $25 annual fee covers all of the following:

advertising on our website,
unique affiliate page on our site,
logo (color) on the affiliates’ page,
official affiliate window/door/register sticker (color),
official affiliate point-of-purchase display (color), &
5 cards, which you can sell at face value ($10 each) for $50, thus making back your money twice.

Once the $25 fee is paid, the only requirements for affiliates are to (1) honor the discount/deal that YOU choose for your business for a period of one year & (2) display the point-of-purchase display that we provide (Affiliate may display the POP anywhere that customers can easily see it, such as by the register, on the door, etc.).

Ready to become an affiliate? Click here.

Q: How do I become an affiliate?

A: Click here, or simply email us.

Q: Is there a minimum discount/deal for affiliates?

A: No! We do not require any particular deal or minimum discount. Each business chooses the discount/deal that works for them. Our goal is to be as user friendly and flexible as possible for our affiliates, so they have complete freedom to decide what discount/deal is appropriate for their business. All we require is that you honor your discount/deal and display the free point-of-purchase where all customers can see it.

Q: Can I work for The Q Card?

A: The Q Card is happy to host interns. Internships are unpaid, but if your school is willing to offer credit for our internship, we are glad to submit to your school any information they require. We currently offer a for-credit internship through The University of Texas’ Advertising & Public Relations Department.

Q: Is there a fee to become an affiliate?

A: Yes, $25 annually. Sell the 5 cards when send you when you become an affiliate ($10 each), and you’ll make back your money twice!